March 2014 Efforts…

The success of November’s FATCA video got us thinking. Would it be financially possible to do this full time? So far the answer is no, but we’ve been having a lot of fun. I left my job in February, and am now working with a great team to produce a new video every Tuesday. This week we uploaded our sixth video, a quick satirical sketch on the post cold war history of NATO and how it led to Ukraine.

March also included uploads of another five videos. On March 1st we uploaded a general introduction to the More Freedom Foundation Youtube channel. Later in the month, we introduced our web series Notes From the Golden Age, and also uploaded the first and second videos in the series, which both deal with Africa. The series tries to show that the world is in much better shape that we have been told, and describes some of the reasons why these facts are hidden. The series will return in a couple weeks to cover an entirely different topic.

We also uploaded the second of our videos on US immigration. Uploading these is always fun. They inevitably lead to endless arguments with white supremacists. You can watch the video and read the comments here.

Other than that we partnered with Nomad Politics to produce another piece on the impending implementation of FATCA.

Viewership is slowly rising, and we are excited to bring you a continuing series of videos in the coming months. Thanks for watching!

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