YouTube Hates Women

This week I go ahead and punch a gift horse in the mouth and raise some questions about the outsize performance of my last video. It’s my second fastest video to 1,000 views ever, and I question the reasons behind that. I’ve easily done 20 times as many videos singling out male politicians for ridicule. But my two videos criticizing female politicians do better than all of those videos combined. The channel goes where the channel goes, but I’ll definitely put more thought into why it is that I’m going after someone in the future.

I mentioned one caveat. Victoria Nuland is a figure I’ve been thinking of doing a video about for quite some time. She is the Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasian Affairs. Depending on who you ask, she may have been the main driving force behind the disaster in Ukraine in 2014. I’m pretty sure I don’t buy that, as I think the break with Russia was baked into the whole dumb arc of US policy in Eastern Europe since 1992 or so. More research needs to be done. What I am more confident of is that she occupies a weird space at the neocon nexus of the Republican and Democratic parties in Washington, DC. She worked for Dick Cheney, and now she’s helping to run Obama’s Europe policy. I think a video on her career and connections would do a good job of illustrating the point that individual presidents don’t really have all that much to do with the agenda that Washington, DC pursues. Presidents can nudge, but they don’t really steer.

But the more I think about it, why am I even aware of Victoria Nuland? Is it because she’s a woman in power? She’s definitely not the only politician in DC who is more loyal to the Military Industrial Complex than a particular party (actually that’s all of them). She’s probably not the only one married to a self-parodying Neocon pundit either. The only reason I’m aware of her is the fact that folks have gravitated toward her particular scandals and biography. I wonder why that is. Food for thought. Anyway, if she gets up to further hijinks under Trump, I wanted to give myself a pass to mention her.

Something else worth mentioning is the fact that 80% of my audience is male. That’s always been deeply annoying to me. I’ve tried some more explicitly feminist content in the past, but it hasn’t solved the problem. If you’re wondering whether I’m hoping that this video will help me out with that… Of course I am! Also, if I’m going to make a sweeping comment about the behavior of the YouTube audience, I should probably point out that my audience is currently heavily weighted towards dudes who like talking about politics and history. Which is perhaps not all that surprising.

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Video Transcript after the jump…

Hello All. The video that I uploaded last Thursday has
been doing great. And that’s always exciting, but it’s also
kind of bugging me because I think it confirms something that I’ve suspected for quite some
time. YouTube hates Women. I’m not talking about YouTube corporate, or
Google, I’m sure all their stuff is just fine. I’m talking about the YouTube viewing public. YouTube is kind of an evil place.
It seems to really love take downs of women.
My least watched video of 2015 is a discussion
of Rudy Giuliani, how much he makes me angry
and the idiocy of his foreign policy views.

It’s currently hovering around 170 views,making it my third least watched video of all time. At this point I’ve probably got like thirty
videos attacking Donald Trump in some fashion. Those do a bit better. They tend to hover between the sort of median
viewership for my videos, around four or five hundred views, and there’s also a handful
that made it to 1,000 or 3,000 views.

That’s a lot better, but apparently to be really successful, I’ve got to attack a woman. Two years ago I did a video on Hillary Clinton,
and why I didn’t think she should run for president. That video is my third most watched video of all time, and it’s pushing 50,000 views. It always bugged me that my single anti- Hillary
Clinton video got probably twice as many views as all of my anti- Donald Trump videos combined, but I figured that’s just because people don’t much like Hillary Clinton.
Last Thursday I put up another video, and it discusses Samantha Power, the US ambassador to the UN and a pretty dumb speech that she made.

It’s doing great. It’s had the best open of any of my videos this year. It’s driving a ton of traffic to my channel. It’s knocked up views by about 50% this week,
and I hope it’s going to continue doing that for a month or two to come. So this is great, but it’s also got kind of a downside to it.

Like a couple months from now, are two of my four biggest videos going to be anti- Democratic women? I stand by the content of these videos, as I stand by the content of all my videos.


What the Hell!

If I want my channel to be a success, do I have to be a series pillorying Democratic women? Actually I bet anti- Ann Coulter or anti- Tomi Lahren videos would do pretty well too.


Obviously I’m not going to do that. I thought this was worth sharing though. I think it’s worthwhile knowing that a lot of the YouTube audience is reflexively anti-woman.

The next time somebody tries to tell you that we’re at gender equity in the United States, or that things are somewhere harder out there
for men. You now have another data point that shows
that that just isn’t so.

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