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I’m honestly not sure how serious I am about this one. But I am sure that our current party system is broken. The Republicans and Democrats simply don’t represent the true tensions of 21st century living. I’d like to use the discussion of Globalism to pick apart what parties that actually represented opposite sides of a discussion might look like.

“Globalist” as it stands now is mostly a term of abuse. It’s a catch all term used to describe the “transnational elites”, and depending on the flavor of conspiracy you prefer it can refer to the UN, the Elders of Zion, or telekinetic space lizards. The only people who take the term seriously are nuts. I think that’s a missed opportunity. In fact, “Globalist” is a neat way to describe one of the positions on the most important question posed by globalization: How do we strike the right balance between sovereignty and connection?

To what extent should each country cooperate with other countries? Where should the lines be drawn? What is international law? Where does each country draw the line? These questions are fascinating. On many issues I think Sovereignty should be respected more. But I also know that a country has to make allowances to international consensus if it wants to compete in the 21st century.

I can’t claim to have the answers here. I’ve got some thoughts. But we don’t discuss this stuff enough. The decisions just seem to get made, while the two major parties run around arguing about guns, abortion, and the methods we should use to bomb other countries into the stone age. The important conversations on globalization and sovereignty get left to cranks like Alex Jones. That’s too bad. The current plight of the EU should be a cautionary tale. For too long the folks in charge assumed that they could just get on with European integration, without really making the case for it. Well there are new folks in charge in the UK now… We can’t afford to leave this discussion to the nationalists and the cranks. With this series I hope to elevate the discussion a bit.

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So things are a little uncomfortable in the United States right now. Our two political parties are in almost complete disarray. But it also provides a great opportunity. The problems of the Democratic and Republican parties have a lot to do with some… interesting leadership choices. But they’ve also got a lot to do with the contradictions that exist within the parties.

The Democrats!

The Party of Labor! And Silicon Valley! (Which is dedicated to the eradication of labor)


The Party of Immigration Restriction! And Big Business (Which desperately wants more immigration)

Both parties are too confused to seriously contribute to some of our most important national questions. This is why I believe it’s time for a Globalist party. Or at least a more formalized interest group that can take over a party.

Globalist is still mostly a term of abuse at this point, but many of American History’s proudest names were insults first. I am very happy to describe myself as a Globalist at this point. The way I see it, a Globalist looks at the challenges of an ever more connected world as opportunities. A Globalist sees the American world order set up over the past 70 years as something worth preserving, and improving. All this stuff was built to serve American interests. Globalists should be working to preserve this system and turn it into something that the rest of the world is more eager to buy into. This perspective is absolutely consistent with national sovereignty, but I can see why our nationalist competitors might disagree.

This is the central issue of our times. We should be debating it everywhere. Instead we get distractions like Abortion and guns, because the two main parties are too confused to talk about the things that really matter. And that’s the opportunity of the mess we’re in. Our political parties are terrible. We can build better ones.

Next time we’ll talk about the greatest challenge facing the Globalist party…

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