Shadow Wars Interview With Christopher Davidson!

Today I was lucky enough to sit down with Dr. Christopher Davidson, the author of “Shadow Wars: The Secret Struggle For The Middle East”. His extraordinary book answers many of the questions you may have about terrorism, Middle East instability, and the role that US and European policy plays in all of it. It was one of the larger influences on my “Everybody’s Lying About Islamvideo series and essay.

Our discussion was wide-ranging and topical, moving from Trump’s trip to Saudi Arabia, to ISIS, Manchester and the current unrest in Bahrain. Davidson’s deep knowledge of the area, and insightful analysis shed new light on issues in Iran, Libya, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and a few countries I’m probably forgetting to mention. The success of Shadow Wars indicates that their is an appetite for commentary that moves out of the typical range of Military Industrial Complex approved discussion. I’d highly suggest you listen to this discussion and then head straight out and buy yourself a copy of his book

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