What Does the More Freedom Foundation Do Now?

Donald Trump really does change everything. I’ve been making videos full time for almost three years now. As you can probably gather if you’ve read my essay advocating for third parties, I had a plan going to the 2016 election. My bone-deep loathing for Trump changed all that. But it’s changed more than that. Starting out, my attitude towards the world and the US government in particular was pretty antagonistic. Now I’m pretty convinced that the world, and the US government need to be saved from themselves. This has led to some reformatting of the mission of this whole thing. I’ve laid it out in this video, and in some changes to the website you can see here. There’s more to come!

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Video Transcript below…

Hello, and Welcome to the More Freedom Foundation. I think it’s time to redefine exactly what it is I’ve been up to here. The mission is quite simple. SIMPLE AND A BIT NUTS I am trying to save the world. I’ve now been producing videos as the More Freedom Foundation for over five years, and I’ve been doing it full time for almost three years. Back then, I defined the mission of the channel, and I did it in a specific way…

“We are against international power structures. At this point that mostly means we’re against the United States Government. I’d like to clarify that that means we’re against the US government, not against the United States.”

Honestly it was a bit of a punk rock attitude, no matter how rationally I presented the arguments. GRAPHIC AND MUSIC CUE FOR “PUNK ROCK” This project was born out of rage at the US criminal justice system VENN DIAGRAM?, and it’s been sustained by disgust at the way Washington, DC has been working to throw away 70 years of international peace and prosperity. This has made for some very angry videos. But a lot has happened over the past three years, and I’ve arrived somewhere very different. The advent of Donald Trump in particular has shaken the way I view the world. In a lot of ways Donald Trump is the first punk rock president. PUNK ROCK CUE AGAIN His supporters are motivated by rage more than anything else. THAT RIDICULOUS “TRUUUMP” TRUUUMP MUSCLEHEAD clip Anybody can do it!




Stuff like this makes it clear that I don’t need to focus on shaking US power and institutions anymore, they’ve been shaken to their core already. This channel has had another emphasis from the beginning. With my Welcome To The Golden Age series, I’ve tried to point out that the world is in much better shape than the media and our leaders tell us it is. It hasn’t been adequately reflected in my content, but I’ve actually become more optimistic in certain ways over the past three years. I’ve been looking very closely at how the world works, and I’ve realized that there’s a lot more to preserve than there is to complain about. We really do live in a time of unparalleled peace and prosperity, and as much as it pains me to admit it, the structures of US power have had more than a little to do with that. From the beginning, we’ve argued that fear is the only thing that can derail this Golden Age we live in. Fear is the only real threat to peace and prosperity.

Well Fear has been winning.

Unlike 2011, or early 2014, we now actually are in a new and dangerous era. Which makes it even more important that this channel work against fear. Rather than focus on breaking things down, today we need to focus on saving the worthwhile elements of the world our parents and grandparents built. MOSTLY OUR GRANDPARENTS The potential for a Golden Age continues. And that’s why I think an independent media platform like mine is essential. I try to see beyond the headlines and Donald Trump’s tweets to what is really happening, and what is really worth talking about. That’s my plan moving forward. I hope you’ll join us. Please subscribe, and dive into the resources I’ve started to lay out on my website. The Future of the world may just depend on it. Thanks.