Donald Trump Is Hillary Clinton… For Now… [Rob & Ray React]

Donald Trump has had a pretty extraordinary week. He’d already made himself a lot of friends in Washington, DC through his willingness to bomb Syria. But on Wednesday in particular he reversed himself on a number of issues he campaigned on. He is now endorsing positions he campaigned against when Hillary held them. This shift is heartening in some ways. People are breathing a sigh of relief. But can we trust him? And is a return to the Washington, DC playbook such a good thing anyway? I don’t trust Trump. And my roommate Ray really doesn’t trust Trump. Click here to view our wide-ranging discussion. It strays a little closer to the Democratic party line than I’m happy with, but hey, enemy of my enemy is my friend.

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Hey there, you may have noticed that over the past week the coverage of Donald Trump has changed dramatically. A week or so back, and the weeks before that, it was all Russia, all the time. Now there’s been a shift.

First off, he bombed something, and that’ll always get the media going. They love that kind of thing. But he’s also completely switched his position on a number of issues. On Wednesday alone he changed on five or six things that were seen as kind of rock solid commitments during his campaign.

I’m Rob Morris, and this is my roommate Ray, and we’re going to discuss this a bit.

So yeah, five positions in 24 hours.

It’s impressive.

Yeah, that’s what I just did, a quick little bit of research. And it’s it’s not just that he’s flip flopping, I think that it’s really kind of disturbing is how much he lies as well. Just purely abject lies.

Well, the, the, the … I just.. I don’t think very many people thought that honesty was something that was part of his character.

Sure, OK.

But it is staggering, like it is staggering just how how much has been reversed.

Habitual liar.

There’s that.

You can say he’s a habitual liar.

The thing that’s really interesting to me is that not only does he flip flop on the issues, but then he lies about why he flip flopped. He actually lies about the reasons why he has taken the positions in the first place. He’ll even lie about what someone said under oath.

Yeah, I mean, this is something we knew Ray.
Well that’s true. That’s true. But as I was saying…

The thing about this. The thing about the switch this week that I find, actually in a small way, kind of satisfying is that all of the things, that 10 percent he said about foreign policy, that he kind of agreed with me on? That’s gone.

So you’re happy about that?

I’m fucking psyched.

Oh so now you can 100% just hate on everything.

Exactly I can just rip into this guy.

Some semblance, some shred of credibility is now gone.

Acknowledging that NATO is the reason we have problems in Ukraine, Trying to keep from getting into Syria, trying to think a little more seriously about our involvement in the MIddle East, these were things that he said during his, not the specific NATO Crimea thing, that’s something I said.

I think Syria’s a great example.

Yeah. So these are things that he said on the campaign trail that I agreed with and I thought he was just the wrong messenger to take forward. He’s thrown all of those out the window. He’s right now… he’s basically like He is basically in foreign policy terms… in domestic policy he’s something different. But in foreign policy terms he’s basically HIllary Clinton. But… Hillary Clinton, but dumber.

And… less subtly corrupt.

Dude, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

And less subtly corrupt.

I’m so sorry, listen I will not do my girl Hillary like that. In no way shape or form is Donald Trump remotely on her level…

Oh, god.

On any level of expertise when it comes to the ability to be a quality representative of the people.

Well he managed to get elected president which is more than she can say.

If you want to have a sit down conversation about why she was elected president, we can do that, but this is definitely not the forum for that.

We probably don’t want to get to much…

He lied his way to being president.

Of course he lied his way to being president.

He flip flopped his way to being president.

Of course he flip flopped his way to being president.

He cajoled, he fucking wrangled, he offended, he was a xenophobe, a racist, he played to every fear, and every single, he is literally a small brain that is threatened by great ideas.

Ray, I think you said something about Trump in our last conversation that i think actually makes a lot of sense. It’s that the American people get what they deserve.

Well, I mean

I think that’s

Well the common phrase is that the elected officials are a representation of our society in it’s current state. Now what we need to do is evolve. We have to move past this petty label… we’re driven by labeling everything and everyone. Someone I read in a comment labeled us as liberal morons.

Which I took very personally..

Rob is definitely not a liberal…

Not a

I hate being labeled a liberal.

I’m a classical liberal

I consider myself a fact based progressive person, someone who believes in progress. Some measure of progress. Collecting all the basic information.

I would not describe myself that way…

and trying to solve problems for the betterment of the majority of people in this world.

I’m a conservative.

But you can’t label me. You can’t label Rob. At the end of the day we need to move past that. We need to move past a worshiping celebrities, and the Kardashians, the Real Housewives. No offense to any of those people, getting their money, but at the end of the day they’re not to be emulated. These are not people that you want to try to be like. Fractions of individuals making money in professional sports. You shouldn’t be out here trying to be Lebron. We can’t all be Bron-Bron. You know what I’m saying. At the end of the day, we have to start re-investing in education. We have to start re-investing in healthcare of our people. We need to start doing what is good for the majority of Americans, and the only way you’re going to get any of this, is to start voting for people who give a fuck about your everyday life, and your everyday problems. How can Donald Trump, an entitled, wealthy individual, who has skirted his way out of any piece of trouble in all the 3,500 lawsuits filed against him, without any major damage other than the bankruptcies, how is it he represents you. How does his life and your life, how can he understand your plight?

I’m sorry, I got to get off my soap box, I apologize for taking all your video.

There was a little bit of that going on. You should run for office Ray, you know. Well as soon as I get my shit together, I will. Because the people deserve better than the current state in which I exist. I need to evolve to represent the people, I am willing to say that right now.

That’s alright. Well we’ll move on. To the flip flopper and fibber in chief. Donald Trump.

Donald Trump. Donald Trump. Well, I’ve lost track. Mostly. I wanted to point out that it can be seen as a positive thing that he’s getting on board with the establishment in certain ways. It’s certainly a positive thing from my perspective, in that I, now, can without reservation go after this guy, because it’s just in a continuum from Bush to Obama to… to Trump. In terms of foreign policy. But I don’t think, I don’t think we can rely on that. I think that the Alt-Right has now learned, what they can rely on Donald Trump for. There was a hilarious video, I think I showed it to you, just sort of descriptions of the horrified tweets coming from all the Alt-Right people after he bombed Syria.

Yeah, the ones he promised that he wasn’t going to go into war, the ones he said that HIllary was the war-monger and going to do it, instead he did.

Exactly. I mean, they’ve been betrayed. We’ve seen how the conservative Republicans have been betrayed. He couldn’t put in an ounce of effort to repeal Obamacare, I mean I didn’t want, well, I go back and forth on whether or not I definitely want Obamacare to be improved, but…

Of course… progress.

But the fact that a Republican President, and two Republican houses of Congress couldn’t get it together to repeal Obamacare, after talking about it for eight years…

Well this is the thing…

The point I’m making is that Trump has also managed to betray the sort of Conservative Republicans that, that were so excited about his election, he’s going to betray the Establishment types too. That’s what this guy does. He lies, he betrays, and he is a force… such a force for instability.

Agreed. But one thing that we’re missing right now, that is critical to everything you just said is, not only is he a force for instability, but the Republican party is actually in the midst of a Civil War that can fucking rival Syria right now bro.

They hate each other. These people are literally breaking and fracturing from the middle, and we’ve somehow elected them to run our government. This is ridiculous, these people can’t sit down at a table and agree on something within their own party. Yeah. We now, are being held hostage by the minority. And that’s what Donald Trump represents, believe it or not. He represents the minority of people, check the votes.

I think I’m just going to entitle this video Ray vs. the Republican Party.

That’s fine. We can go to war.

Yeah. I’m ready. But I fight with my words.

Yes. That’s important.

Just so we now.

That’s important. And also comparing the… I agree the Republican party is a mess.

So, how are they going to lead?


How are they going to lead if they can’t govern themselves? How are they going to lead the United States of America? And the world for that matter?

Well I’d imagine you’re happier that they’re not…

No I’m not! That’s the misconception I think everyone has on, that they throw at the left, that progressives are people that do not agree with Donald Trump. I do not want to see America fail. I would love to be proven wrong.

But if the Republican party had it’s shit together then 24 million less people would be insured.

Agreed. No, there’s no question that if they had their shit together there would be much more damage already to date than there has already been done. Which is kind of scary when you think about it.

That is one benefit of having their self a war, having the freedom caucus, not being able to be controlled. And then having the Rand Pauls and all these other individuals that are not, they’re not traditional conservatives, not the kind that I grew up understanding. And so they’re not his Daddy’s conservatives. Their not Bush Senior’s conservatives, they’re not even Bush W. They’re not even Dubs conservatives. So… I think Rob, at the end of the day, we came on here to talk about Trump and his inability to tell the truth, and also his inability to not really flip on anything. I mean there’s nothing he won’t flip on. So you know, the commander, flip flopper and fibber in chief. That’s my new nickname for ol’ Don.

There’s nothing there I can really dispute. Nothing that I can really dispute. There is one thing that I do think is a good thing. And that’s that he does seem to some degree to have backed off of China. This is a guy who has in every campaign stop, talked about China, China, China. There’s some great clips of how he says China, it’s different every time. But I can’t remember if it was the first or second debate with Hillary, but Hillary asks him a question, and it was a pointed question of some sort. It was something completely different… Might have been Hillary, might have been the moderator, and just out of nowhere he starts complaining about China. This has been Donald Trump’s central issue, he’s going to go after China, he’s going to label them a currency manipulator, he’s going to do this, he’s going to do that, he’s going to stick it to China. And he’s completely backed off, he said that he will not label China a currency manipulator, which is fantastic.

It’s interesting…

I just want to say, that is fantastic, because that’s one of my main concerns about Trump.

It’s interesting timing to, coming out of the President of China visiting right?

Yeah. Exactly.

So, it’s curious that he came out and said, in ten minutes this man helped him to understand the North Korean situation.

How to they put it? Head Desk.

I think, Ow…

So in ten minutes… that sounded like it hurt actually…

It did actually…

So in ten minutes he convinces the man of that, so what else did he convince him of in those meetings? Is it possible that the Chinese President intellectually outwitted Donald Trump and now Donald Trump is falling in line with what he wants?

Um… I think that.

I think Donald Trump can be taken advantage of in that way because he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed.

I think Donald Trump just didn’t really know much about China, other than what he’d heard from a few ideologues.

Like I said… ten minutes he cleared up a major issue like North Korea for him, I’m just wondering what else he cleared up for him. How many other of his recent moves have been because maybe they had some really productive conversations, he cleared up a lot of other issues for Donald.

I’m really, Yeah, I’m really really suspicious of this whole Donald Trump is owned by sinister elements…

I didn’t say he was owned, just that he was easily manipulated.

Oh yeah.

Like your senile grandpa is when you show him a video on YouTube and he decides to drop sixty bombs.

That’s fair.

Well, it’s a different time in Washington, DC, but at root, it’s also kind of the same time.

Well, politicians lying is not new.

Washington, DC…

But lying at this rate is new.

Well, what I’m trying to say is that actually, like, Washington, DC thinks it’s a new day. From last week. They think, aw, we’ve got Trump on our side, Trump wants all of a sudden, the Neocons are back.

That’s because the winds blowing this way this week.

Exactly. Exactly.

The winds going to change directions next week, and it’s going to be another issue, and another manufactured crisis by the way.

It’ll be something else. I mean we’ve got an armada steaming towards North Korea… That could be fun. Anyway. You got sort of final thoughts here?

Um, you know I just, I just am very disappointed in our Media, I have been for years, but the ascension of Donald Trump and their inability to call him out on the sheer bullshit that falls out of his mouth, is is maddening. I mean, at the end of the day, you can not have a sit down interview with this man, and let him off the hook…. for the repeated lies, and position changes, he moves the goal posts so much, I’m not sure what sport he’s even playing anymore. We have to do something about this. We have to call him out. I mean where’s Dan Rather when you need him Dude?

He’s on facebook man.

I know, but unfortunately he’s not on the mainstream news where… He should be sitting in for Bill O’Reilley. Maybe all of a sudden Fox News would become a reputable organization. I don’t know.

He probably shouldn’t have made up that stuff about Bush.

Well, you know, people make mistakes man, just like Donald Made three, he had three divorces, multiple divorces, multiple bankruptcies….

So now you’re apologizing for Trump?

No, I’m saying people make mistakes, if Dan made one mistake, I’m cool with that as opposed to hundreds of lies. Check it, Keeping a running list. Very informative.

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