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9/11 conspiracy theorists are focusing on the wrong thing. The true scandal isn’t what happened in the run-up to 9/11. It’s what Washington, DC did after 9/11 that is truly horrifying.

US Middle East Policy is a sad, sad joke. One of the central points in my understanding of the world is this: Institutions will act in what they perceive their interests to be, not the interests of the people they are supposed to serve. When institutions are crafted with this knowledge in mind, they can serve useful purposes. But once you point them in a direction, they are hard to turn around. The fundamental ridiculousness of post-9/11 foreign policy, laid out in this video, is a great example.

On 9/11 we were attacked by Saudi Arabia. But the US foreign policy establishment had decided long ago that the Saudis were are allies. So we went out and beat up on Saudi Arabia’s enemies. This never made any sense. Worse, it hasn’t worked. The US government’s policy was always going to be a failure on the measure of finding and punishing the perpetrators of the worst attack on the United States since Pearl Harbor. That was never the goal. But post-9/11 hasn’t even succeeded in the goal it chose: Protecting and expanding Saudi and US power.

So maybe we should choose some new goals?

If you want an idea of what that might look like, and a fuller recounting of the disaster that post- 9/11 US policy has been, I suggest you check out my new essay: Everybody’s Lying About Islam.

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“Dick Cheney Did the WHole Thing, and you know who helped out… space lizards. They came down…

Over the years I have met a surprising number of 9-11 truthers. Most are crazy. But some are very intelligent, committed people, with well thought out theories. It’s these people that I find the most frustrating. They put tremendous energy into proving things that can’t be proven, and wouldn’t convince anyone even if they were proven. I think this energy could be put into popularizing the real, documented and damning truth of 9-11. The Truth I’m talking about is just as evil, just as traitorous and just as bewildering as a planned explosion, or a CIA plot. And it’s not something that has to be proven, it’s something we all know but refuse to look at.

What I’m talking about is what happened after 9-11. On September 11th, 2001 most of the hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. All of them were committed to an ideology that came from Saudi Arabia. We have always known that the organization that carried out the attacks, Al Queda, came from Saudi Arabia, was run by a Saudi Arabian, and got most of its funding from Saudi Arabia. In the years since it has become clear that the hijackers got help and support from members of the Saudi government, and members of the Saudi royal family.

So what did we do? Did we go after Saudi Arabia? Hell no. In the days and months after 9-11 the US government apparatus mobilized to cover up Saudi involvement, and divert attention from the country.

In 2001, Saudi Arabia had two main enemies. Since the early 1990s their oil resources had been threatened by the military machine of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. Since 1979, Sunni Saudi Arabia has been threatened by the militant Shiite regime in Iran and its proxies in Syria and Lebanon.

In his State of the Union address in January 2002, George W. Bush announced our plans for the
“War on Terror”. Saudi Arabia was not mentioned once in this “Axis of Evil” Speech. You know who did get a mention though? Saudi Arabia’s two greatest enemies, Iraq and Iran. We essentially declared war on both countries.

In 2003 we took Iraq out. We all know what a disaster that has been. If it had been a success we would probably have invaded Iran by now. The US public wouldn’t let that happen, but Bush and Obama have been pursuing war against Iran by other means. Incredibly, we’ve been working with the same Sunni networks that brought down the World Trade Center. Obama made some nice noises and signed the Nuclear deal with Iran. At the same time he actively encouraged the destruction of Syria, Iran’s most important ally, and approved and supported Saudi Arabia’s murderous war in Yemen. Donald Trump, a man who promised to make the war on terror less insane, has started out his administration by “putting Iran on notice” and approving more US action in Yemen.

So did you follow that? We were attacked by Saudi Arabia on 9-11. And we’ve spent the past 15 years fighting Saudi Arabia’s greatest Enemies. Everybody can see this, but nobody talks about it. That is some 9-11 truth that should be shouted from the rooftops.

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