What is The More Freedom Foundation in 2019? -New Trailer For the Channel!

The New Trailer is Up! I had been thinking about this for about a year and it’s great to finally have it out there. Probably the most over-thought out and hashed over three minutes in this channel’s history. It’s always difficult for me to figure out what this channel is about. With this trailer I think I’ve gotten it down to something I’m happy with, is well produced, and might appeal to a broader group of people. I’m pretty pleased. Let me know what you think.

This is my third attempt at a channel trailer, and I think it’s useful to compare it to the other two. The first is probably the funniest, and definitely the best produced of the trailers, but it’s neither representative of what this channel is, nor does it have much of a point other than the fact that pie is funny. With the second trailer, in the direct aftermath of the Trump election, I’m clearly failing to come up with an ideological response to what had just happened. It’s also really shittily produced. It’s embarrassing that that has been the face of my channel for the unsubscribed for almost three years now. With this new trailer I think I’m much better situated to retain subscribers and grow the channel.

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Video Transcript after the jump…

Hello and welcome to the More Freedom Foundation. This is a YouTube channel, where I cover history and politics. My name’s Rob, I have been a lawyer, I have been a stock broker, but mostly I am a nerd who loves reading history and talking about all this stuff.

There are a lot of YouTube channels out there that provide a warm bath of ideology, and will give you hours of weekly content, telling you how to feel about whatever crap the news cycle has served up that day. Some of those channels are great, but that’s not what I do here, outside of my one monthly livechat.

Every Tuesday since March of 2014 I have posted a video trying to present a new perspective on a given issue. Sometimes it’s a hyper produced installment in an ongoing series on a topic like the US Saudi relationship or the rise of China. Sometimes it’s just a single unproduced argument I feel like I haven’t seen anywhere else. BEST THUMBNAILS FOLLOWED BY JUXTAPOSITION OF BEST GRAPHIC VIDEO AND RANT WITH THE BEST BACKGROUND

This channel doesn’t produce a high volume of content, and that’s intentional. I am not filling air here, I am trying to say things worth saying, and bring you the information that matters on any given topic.

I don’t claim to be an expert on anything, I only claim to do a better, more in depth job with the topics I cover than any cable news channel. Which isn’t that hard to do. I am pretty sure that the half hour or so I have spent on the Trump Russia investigation over the past three years will tell you more than any given month of Fox News or CNN.

This channel is not objective. It’s based on my viewpoint. But it’s also based on reading books, not regurgitating the talking points of the US government or some corporation or political party. That means I can delve into the hard truths of what’s going on in places like Yemen and Syria with a lot more context than most.

I don’t pretend to be any smarter or more connected than anybody else. I just have a little more freedom. More Freedom from outside influence than any think tank, and more free time to do the necessary reading. Basically I do what you would do if you werent so busy, and had the time to do the research. I do the reading and I report back.

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Many thanks!