The 4th Republican Disaster In 20 Years | Coronavirus 5

For most of this channel’s existence I’ve worked to remain fairly non-partisan. I’m generally uninterested in the whole performative, substance-free mess of party politics in the United States. I’ve adopted the understandably popular “pox on both their houses” approach. Obama’s foreign policy left plenty for me to bitch about, and it’s easy to cover Trump as if he’s some unique biblical plague, somehow distinct from the party he leads.

But at a certain point you’ve got to acknowledge facts. The Democrats are an uninspiring bunch of managerial, condescending twerps. But if your expectations are low, they can be trusted to be reasonably honest and competent. 20 years, and four disasters have shown us that the Republican party is filled with dangerous anarchists, and even worse, people who pretend to be principled, but are eager to bow down to the dangerous anarchists in charge. This video chronicles the 9-11, Iraq war, 2008, and Coronavirus disasters and the political party that brought them all to us. It also lays out why no other media outlet will talk about this…

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Video Transcript after the jump…

Hey there! Greetings from New York City, the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic. So we hear a lot about the liberal bias in media. But I think it’s more complicated than that. Most media does push certain woke agendas around race, feminism, and LGBT rights that are often portrayed as left leaning. But that same media also spends a tremendous amount of time covering for the Republican party. For example, I can’t think of a single article or broadcast laying out the basic fact that the United States is now experiencing it’s 4th major disaster in the past 20 years. And every single crisis has come on a Republican president’s watch.

The first disaster came on September 11th 2001, when the US government failed to keep a bunch of mostly Saudi terrorists from murdering thousands of Americans.

The Republican excuse for this extraordinary intelligence failure is a common one among politicians. They blame the other guys, and I guess it’s plausible to claim that the Clinton administration shares some blame with Bush, who had only been in power for 8 months or so at the time.

But there are some other aspects of 9-11 that make it a more obvious Republican failure for me. Al Qaeda, the folks who pulled off the attack, were born out of a Saudi CIA cesspool that was a direct result of Ronald Reagan’s Afghanistan policy in the 1980s. And One of the worst things about 9-11 is the fact that we never went after the country responsible for the majority of the terrorist funding and ideology. There are many reasons for this, but one of the largest is the lucrative relationship that both the Republican Bush presidents had with the Saudi royal family. 9-11 was a very Republican disaster. Republican business interests were probably the main reason for the 2nd disaster as well…

In 2003, against the will of most of our allies, much of the US Public, and most of the world George W. Bush invaded Iraq. The Middle East has never recovered, and it’s arguable that US politics has never recovered either. Knock-on effects from this failed, unnecessary war include a million dead in Iraq and Syria, the militarization of US culture, the rise of ISIS, and the extraordinary flow of refugees that may have destroyed the European Union.

It also made all US attempts to lead the world in human rights and freedom look like a sad joke. In some ways all 450 videos on this channel document the results of this one extraordinary fuck-up. I was young and stupid in 2003 and I was a big Iraq war supporter. Now I make anti-intervention YouTube videos as penance. I learned my lesson, not many others have. Nobody really disputes that this was a Republican led disaster, so let’s move on to the third one…

I have been reading about 2008 a lot lately, and many write that it was the kind of economic crisis that only comes around once every 100 years. Well, now it seems we get a 2008 or worse economic crisis once every Republican President.

The 2008 financial crash was born out of the US housing crisis, but it became a world wide tragedy. It didn’t just break economies, it kind of broke economics. For 12 years now, even after the return of anemic growth, everything has sort of been held together by spit and bubble gum. International banking, the Federal Reserve, the European Union, it all still kind of functions, but I am not sure anybody really knows why.

The 2008 financial crisis came after George W Bush had been president for 7 years, so it’s a lot harder for Republicans to blame it on Clinton. They try to do it anyway. There may be elements of truth to this, but when it comes to financial regulation, and most other things really, Bill Clinton was basically a Republican. If that seems hard to swallow, check out the Ronald Reagan vs. The Joker video I will post at the end of this vid. Bush was the president, and he should have done more to stop the nightmare that was coming, but if we’re honest, the tone of extreme irresponsibility set by the leadership of the Federal Reserve probably bears most of the responsibility. Alan Greenspan was very much a Republican, appointed by a Republican. 2008 was a Republican disaster too.

Which brings us to the Trump virus. The disease may have started in China, but despite months of warning, it’s epicenter is now in the United States. China’s numbers are probably fraudulently low, but in the US we didn’t even start testing in large numbers until the virus had been here for two months. Our official estimate could be 10 times too low. After failing to use any of the federal government’s awesome powers to save us, Trump is now picking fights on Twitter with the governors who are trying to do the job.

As with most things, Trump is a parody and acceleration. He seems to be trying to do all three of the Republican greatest hits at once. We have a 9-11 not in two cities, but in every city, town and village, all at once. This, of course, comes with a financial disaster that makes 2008 look like a walk in the park. Oh and it’s been pushed out of the headlines but Trump and his idiot cronies are actively trying to start another war in Iraq as we speak.

So how did we get here? Why does media keep covering up for Republicans? Well we supposedly Have this diverse media sphere, but we really don’t. I talked at the beginning of this video about performative wokeness. The owners of corporate media, who tend to own other businesses, love this sort of thing. Inclusion means bigger markets. Even Fox, which sometimes likes to pretend it’s not, is very on board with wokeness. Fox personalities who dance too close to the line get suspended and fired all the time. I am cool with all that. But the business people who love wokeness also love war. Because it makes money. And they really love tax cuts. Which means they love the Republican party.

And that’s why nobody in the mainstream media will tell you that Republicans are responsible for all four of the greatest disasters of the past 20 years. Is it really so hard to believe that a party dedicated to the destruction of government has governed poorly? CNN Fox News and the New York Times will never give you an honest answer to that question. For that, you have to come to people like me, on YouTube.

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