What Should The More Freedom Foundation Cover Next?

Heeere we go! With this channel’s 500th video, we’re asking the audience to decide what we should cover next! Should it be Israel and Palestine? Should it be Afghanistan, Pakistan and India? Should it be US Empire? This isn’t a question of what I’m covering next week, but what my next, big, multi-year project will be. It’s the 2$ and up patrons that get to pick between these three options…

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Video Transcript after the jump…

Hey there! The More Freedom Foundation is a channel that attempts to make sense of the world, where it’s been, and where it’s going. Basically I do what you would do if you had the time. I do the reading, and try to give you a more independent take on the subject than you would get elsewhere. Well, now it’s time to decide what our next big project is going to be, and I want the audience to decide.

Week to week this channel covers whatever I think is important, heavily influenced by your input in the comments, and by the folks who reach out on Twitter. It can get pretty random. But for the past 7 years I have also studied and produced videos and writing around bigger, over-arching projects.

In 2016 and 2017, my big focus was the US-Saudi relationship and how bad it has been for the Muslim world and the world in general. I produced a series of videos and a short book called Everybody’s Lying About Islam.

In 2018, 2019, and 2020, I focused on the British Empire and its many parallels with the current US world system. I wrote a much longer book, and am producing an on-going video series on this subject called Avoiding the British Empire.

Over the coming years I will continue both of these series, as well as keeping up with Syria, Yemen, the oil market, US politics and anything else that comes up. But I want to develop a new area of focus for the channel, and I want you to help me choose the right one. I have put together three options:

The first option is by far the most requested topic on this channel: Israel and Palestine. I have shied away from this topic for a while, for reasons I have laid out elsewhere. There are only about 14 million people in these two countries, but everybody seems to want me to talk about it. I have some pretty confirmed opinions that are guaranteed to offend people on all sides of the conflict. If you think, like I do, that this focus is too small, you will love option number 2.

For years now I have wanted to talk more about Afghanistan. But it’s always been obvious that I can’t talk about Afghanistan without talking about Pakistan. And of course I can’t really talk about Pakistan without talking about India. Getting up to speed on these three countries, which make up a fifth of the world population, will be a huge project. It’s also an essential project if this channel is ever going to say anything useful about the future of Asia. I would love to spend the next couple years trying to scratch the surface of this region’s history and political complexity.

The third option is actually of even larger scope, though it’s also the most personal. My Avoiding the British Empire book was a stealth history of the modern world, ending with the end of British dominance in the early 20th century. An examination of the US world system will bring that history up until the modern day. In practice, I think this will mostly be a history of the Cold War. It would be a continuation or elaboration of the Military Industrial Complex series that long time viewerl may remember. Unlike the other two options, this is not one that has been widely requested. It’s just a project that I hope to do.

In truth, I hope to explore all three of these projects some day. But you guys get to decide the order! Which is a pretty valuable thing. I tend to take my time with these longer projects. And I may come up with other projects in between, so there’s no guaranteeing I will get to all three of these before the 2030s. So here’s how this is going to work.

Voting will take place starting today and continuing until the end of December. As the month wears on I will produce videos that talk more about my plans for each of these potential projects. I know folks enjoy live streams, so as an end of year bonus, in the final week of voting I will be doing three, count ’em !three! bonus live streams. In all of those streams I will be reminding people to sign up on Patreon to vote!

That’s right. Voting will only be available to those who contribute 2 dollars and up per video. I am grateful to each and every person who engages with this channel and its content. But I wanted to provide something extra for those who keep the channel going. I think this channel provides a valuable service, and crowd funding is the only way to keep it independent. If you want to help insure that independence, there has never been a better time to sign up with us on Patreon.

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