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Donald Trump Is Going To Lose Big In November | Election 2020 4

I am writing this from Des Moines, Iowa on a very frustrating morning for the Democratic party. The Iowa Caucus reporting system has fallen into a complete shambles, and what was supposed to be the hopeful launch of the process of nominating the Democratic candidate for President has dissolved into chaos, recrimination, and accusations of fraud. It’s a tremendous shit show, and it’s outrageous that a full 16 hours or so after the end of the process we have no idea what actually occurred. It’s easy to get discouraged. But with today’s video I argue that we shouldn’t.

Donald Trump has a lot of levers of power to lean on, and it’s possible that the Democrats will never get their acts together. But Trump will still be Trump. Today’s video lays out why that may be all that matters for this November’s election.

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