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Islamic Terrorism Is Disappearing | Everybody’s Lying About Islam 20

This is the funniest video I have ever made. It’s a tremendously satisfying video as well. It’s nice to see one of my predictions pan out. One of the central messages of this channel is that we shouldn’t be as panicked about the state of the world as everybody wants us to be. Exhibit one in the case against the pro-panic media is Terrorism, by which the media generally means Terrorism associated with Islam. Since I launched my “Everybody’s Lying About Islam” series in April I’ve gotten many more pro-fear comments than anti-fear ones. People seem to believe that the media isn’t pro-fear enough when it comes to Islam and terrorism.

These cowardly commenters have two main sources. The first is Bill Warner, a charlatan who travels the world hating on Islam. If you’re interested you can read a Quora take-down I put together on his work recently. The second is a website called “The religion of peace” that I won’t deign to link here. These clowns desperately want the public to be more freaked out about Islam. It’s absolutely delightful to be using their data to help people calm down. And that’s why this is the funniest video I’ve ever made.

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