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Donald Trump Is a Fascist | Arpaio & War Crime Pardons | Election 2020 9

I have been sitting on this one for a while. When the war crime pardons happened in 2019 I was appalled. They finally made it crystal clear for me that Donald Trump was something far worse than some amoral, vaguely racist grifter. We’re lucky that he is incompetent, because his vision of this country is not compatible with constitutional liberty. As with every fascist in history, Trump has started by targeting the weakest. If he’s given another term, he, or, more dangerously, the people surrounding him, will not stop there. I have known since last year that these pardons would be the centerpiece of my case against Trump. I hope that I’ve done a decent job delivering it. This video doesn’t just come from a place of outrage for the minorities persecuted, but out of a sense of self-preservation. This man is not good for the country. We need to vote him out.

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