Ilhan Omar Is Winning | Everybody’s Lying About Islam 40

I like this video, but it also reminds me of some missed opportunities. For over two years now I’ve been putting out this “Everybody’s Lying About Islam” series, but I think I’ve been falling down on one of the most central points I was trying to make. I am grateful to Ilhan Omar for giving me the opportunity to make that point more forcefully. Throughout the series I vaguely allude to the ways that Islamophobia serves the US government, even as the US government’s most prominent figures preach peace and tolerance.

In this video, I make the connection crystal clear, in ways that I should have done long ago. Islamophobia allows the US government to shield their Saudi partners from blame for 9-11, while also providing an endless series of countries to be lucratively bombed and destroyed. Ilhan Omar is the subject of extraordinary hate and vilification because she points out the facts of Islamophobia, and the ways it is used by our government. I adore her for it. Her outspoken presence in congress, and the fact of her presence alone, is a sign that the US public is tiring of this old Islamophobic ploy, which is inspiring a high degree of panic in Washington, DC.

It’s becoming clear, also, that Ms. Omar may be quite the fallible human being. The questions surrounding immigration fraud she may have committed remain. I looked at those allegations, and why the statute of limitations means they won’t prove to be Omar’s kryptonite the way many in the swamp hope in a tweet storm back when I published this video. It has since been fairly credibly alleged that Omar may be getting a little bit Trumpy with her personal behavior. Her supposed seduction of (by?) a married, very non-Muslim campaign consultant doesn’t fit with the “fanatical jihadist” slurs we find on right wing radio, but it could present an interesting, and very current campaign finance challenge. With growing rumors of petty illegality, campaign finance irregularities, and moral failings, Ilhan Omar sounds a lot like… a congress person. In the world before Trump, who knows, perhaps I’d be bothered by all this. In 2019, I’m not. Let whatever proceedings are appropriate proceed, but I don’t yet see anything that’s likely to derail this vitally important voice in Congress.

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Video Transcript after the jump…

“And obviously and importantly, Omar has a history of launching vicious antisemitic screeds.

Send her back, send her back, send her back, send her back, send her back, send her back, send her back”

That speech delivered last Wednesday was a new low for our president, following up a stunningly awful series of tweets. People are horrified, as they should be, but I have noticed a kind of apocalyptic, terrified tone that is not justified. This is scary stuff. But Ilhan Omar is winning.

Omar is one of four congresswoman, known as the squad, a moniker that makes me feel 85 rather than 40 years old whenever I use it. All 4 of the congresswomen were the target of the presidents racist “go back where you came” from tweets. The tweets were pretty racist and pretty dumb. Three of four are natural born American citizens. Also, Ocasio-cortez’s family hails from Puerto Rico which has been US territory for 120 years, and Tlaib’s family comes from Palestine, which has basically been US territory for 70 years, and Ayanna Pressley has a better claim to the title of American than me, Donald Trump or any other white person.

Now I think there is more at work in the stupidity of these tweets than just Trump’s ignorance here. He may claim to be focused on all four of these women, but its the only real immigrant, Ilhan Omar, that really drives him crazy. And he’s not the only one. Most of Washington, DC, Republican and Democrat, is threatened to its core by Omar. She is mercileasly exposing the lie at the center of the past 20 years of US foreign policy , and DC hates that.

“Far too long we have lived with the discomfort of being a second class citizen. And frankly I’m tired of it and every single muslim in this country should be tired of it.

Cair was founded after 9-11, because they recognized that some people did something, and all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties.”

After 9-11, Washington DC had a problem. The United States had just experienced its worst attack since pearl harbor. The problem was that the people most responsible were the Saudi royal family, rulers of a dusty petro-state that is basically a US colony. The Saudis buy a lot of US weapons, and they were just as essential to keeping the money spinning fight with Iran going back then as they are today. Plus, powerful Washington figures were deeply enmeshed in business ties with the Saudi princes. 9-11 was a terrible catch-22 for Washington DC. They had a fight, which they had desperately wanted since the end of the cold war, but… they couldn’t fight the people who actually committed the crime.

The answer became apparent almost immediately. We shifted the blame from Saudi Arabia to Muslims in general. Bush was pscrupulously careful and politically correct with their words. Islam is a religion of peace they said. Their actions were quite different. From the beginning, all American Muslims were put under a microscope. The FBI and all our other security forces made the surveilling and entrapment of our Muslim community a priority.

Bush launched an undeniably anti-Muslim foreign policy and Obama and Trump pursued it as well. The one war that made sense, Afghanistan, should have been a 6 month smash and grab, but we are somehow still there almost 20 years later. In 2003 we destroyed Iraq, the first of a long list of countries that had nothing to do with 9-11. In 2006 we teamed up with Somalia’s neighbors to destroy that poor country again. Obama’s destroyed Libya in 2011 and bombed Yemen throughout his administration until it fell apart as well. From 2013 we used the CIA and Saudi money to kill half a million Syrians as well.

The lie of Bush’s friendly approach to Islam is exposed by the number of his officials who have ties to vehemently anti Muslim organizations. Republicans and Democrats were eager for the excuse to dehumanize the Palestinians even further, because that helped Israel. As the decades have passed, this endless war on Islam, has just become the way we do things, and its seeped into our culture in really ugly ways. All to protect the real terrorists in Saudi Arabia and their friends in Washington DC.

“Cair was founded after 9-11, because they recognized that some people did something, and all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties.

all of us were starting to lose
all of us were starting to lose
all of us were starting to lose”

That is why the US establishment hates Ilhan Omar so much. She is the sign that the war on terror gravy train is finally ending. Ilhan Omar’s words, and her very presence in power are a sign that the people of the United States are waking up to what Washington DC has done. And we are sick of this shit. Trump is terrified of Omar, because she threatens his Saudi gravy train. In fact Omar has done more to go after the true architects of 9-11 than any of thr three US presidents since then. Republicans and Democrats who unthinkingly serve Israel are terrified of her as well. Ilhan Omar is a hate object for these people because she is winning.

Now I get that the past week is upsetting. I too am seriously afraid for Representstive Omar’s safety. But she has chosen this fight and she is winning it. When you read some headline talking about her hatred of America or Judaism, dig a little deeper, because she doesn’t hate either. If you get to her actual words you will realize that she is trying to save the United States, not hurt it. It’s all the panicked people trying to get her to shut up, from Nancy Pelosi to Donald Trump, that are screwing over the American people.

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